Banksy’s shredded painting is up for auction again

One of the most famous works of modern art in the world – a painting by Banksy, cut by a shredder right during the Sotheby’s auction – is up for auction again. The self-destruction of “Girl with Balloon”, which began immediately after the final blow of the hammer is now considered one of the most striking art performances in the current century. Due to the fact that the process of cutting the canvas  stopped at some point, the “Girl with Balloon”, half passed through the shredder, became a new work of art. Banksy even gave it a new name – “Love is in the Bin”.

Banksy became the leader in terms of turnover among living artists in the first half of 2021. “Love is in the Bin” will be presented at Sotheby’s auction on October 14 with an estimate of £ 4-6 million ($ 5.5-8.3 million).

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