Nick Cave’s Glass Murals

On Friday, Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s Arts & Design Department will unveil Nick Cave’s newest installation “Every One,” depicting figures leaping and twirling in mosaic Soundsuits.  The mural was installed in the corridor connecting Times Square and Grand Central Station. The other two parts of the series of murals,“Each One” and “Equal All,” will be installed next year.

When Cave came to view the finished installation he said, “I felt like I was in the middle of a performance, up close and personal. You just felt this fast, different, visceral texture, the sensation in the movement and the flow of the material that completely resonated.”

I initially picked this installation to write about because the pictures of it caught my eye, but upon reading more about it I came to understand the importance of public art in what was a banal public space. The idea behind the piece is movement, which is fitting for a mural located in one of New York’s busiest subway stops.

Here’s the link to the article I read about it: I’d definitely recommend checking out the other pictures in the articles (and the actual mural in person if you ever get a chance).

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