Sean Raspet at Various Small Fires

Upon first look of this solo exhibition, it seems like a “simple presentation of nature.” The plants are neatly hung in a row in front of a white wall, which only pops out the green color of the plants. Upon thinking more about this piece, it raises a lot of questions for viewers—What does it mean to exhibit nature? Who is taking care of these plants and how did it get here? I thought these questions were interesting because the former seems to trivial. However, these plants could represent and symbolize so much more. Through this form of art, Raspet highlights how these plants are a result of experiments and genetic mutations that could help them better adapt to changing climate conditions.

This piece reminds me of how we have been talking about simplicity in design recently. Many companies have changed their logos to be very simple, but there is meaning behind these simple choices. Likewise, I think this piece of art is very simple upon first glance but has a lot of meaning embedded within.

Read more here!

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