Microinteractions: The Secret of Great App Design

Microintentions are the small details of UX design that communicate feedback to users and help them visualize the results of their actions. An example of this would be when you like a photo on Instagram, the heart turns red. Microinteractions are arguably one of the most important parts of UX design because they engage the user with the interface so that the user receives acknowledgement for what they are trying to do. The article talks about the different ways microinteractions appear in UX design: show system status, highlight changes, keep context, visualize input, or calls to action. Without microinteractions, it would be pretty difficult for a user to interact with an interface. Through the use of microinteractions, a user is able to understand what is happening as they navigate an interface. I found this article particularly interesting because it highlights the importance of detail in design.

Here’s the link to the article: https://uxplanet.org/microinteractions-the-secret-to-great-app-design-4cfe70fbaccf#.ork6cxkii

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