Choosing Books by Their Covers – Social Media, Design, and Sales


This article focuses on the idea that nowadays it is more important than ever for authors and publishers to choose the right cover for their books, one that is both meaningful to the actual content of the book as well as engaging to passerbys, enough so that the cover draws attention and interest to the book when compared to other titles nearby. This in turn promotes sales of the book, so there is a greater emphasis on the cover than ever. This means that things that catch and retain attention are desirable, which in this case often means bright colors as well as bold graphics. Moreover, much of book advertisement is in fact done over social media these days, where one may be scrolling through hundreds of items in their feed, with the average attention span lasting a few seconds at most. Thus, a new trend of designing more perceptually aggressive covers has been formed in response to the shift to social media.

Featured Image: Cover Design by Holly Ovenden.

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