What Our Doodles Can Mean

The article explores the idea that doodling can be considered an art form. Doodling is guided by our unconscious, and so sometimes our doodles can surprise us and reveal something about ourselves that might of gone unnoticed. The article talks about a project an artist named Oscar Murillo worked on called “Frequencies” where he gave an empty canvas to children from the UK, US, Brazil, China, India, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Lebanon, Nepal, South Africa, Sweden and Turkey. The children were tasked with doodling on the canvases while at school. After viewing the works of the the thousands of participants, Murillo noticed different trends in the various works that revealed many disparities, whether geographical, socio-economic, political or cultural,  between the participants .

My school notebooks are and have always been filled with doodles, and I keep a lot of my old notebooks to be able to go back and look through what I had doodled at the time. I think that in the moment I never put much thought or effort into what I was doodling, but going back through them I can see how what my life was like at the time unconsciously shaped what I drew. That’s why the title of this article caught my and why I found it so interesting.


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