Kris Sowersby’s Typefaces

In this article, Kris Sowersby talks about working as a graphic designer who specializes in typography and his creative process for coming up with different typefaces. His typefaces are used in a lot of professional websites and magazines such as Kinfolk magazine and the Norwegian air website. He talked about how he’ll often use an old font as the backbone for a new one he comes up with, only making minor adjustments to the letters. I thought this was a really interesting way to approach designing fonts. I was wondering how he’s able to come up with new fonts when he’s already designed a countless amount, but I think this approach is helpful in overcoming this problem. The difference between one font and another can be something as small as the way a line is curved or angled to a different line and so making adjustments to old work is probably an effective way to come up with a brand new font.

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